Gongs + Tam-tams + Pitched Percussion

We have a large assortment of stands and racks for any type of setup/configuration, and a large mallet selection


  • Tam-tams/Chau gongs
    • 12/14/16/18/22/28/26/36/38/40″
  • California Percussion Tuned Thai gongs
    • C2-C6 (chromatic setup available)
  • Opera/Chinese gongs
    • 9/11/13/14″
  • Wind gongs
    • 14/22/28″
  • Heng gongs
    • 22″
  • Cup gongs
    • various pitches available


  • F3-C6 (chromatic and single/multiple note setups available)


  • C3-C5 (chromatic and single/multiple note setups available))


  • C6-C8 (chromatic and single/multiple note setups available)
    • crotales are generally written 2 octaves lower than where they sound

Large selection of bottles, flower pots, brake drums, jugs, cans, bowls, and anything else that makes noise!

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