Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

      1. Cancellations of confirmed projects made 7 days or more in advance of the event start date will receive a 100% refund.
      2. Cancellations of confirmed projects made within 3 – 6 days of the event start date will incur a 15% fee.
      3. Cancellations of confirmed projects made within 48 hours of the event start date will incur a 30% fee.
      4. Cancellations of confirmed projects made on the event start date will incur the full rental fee.
Equipment Conditions and Proper Use
      1. The LESSEE accepts the condition of the equipment as is, and the LESSOR assumes no responsibility for the performance or venue or lack thereof.
      2. The LESSEE agrees to ONLY use the equipment for its intended purpose and to use the proper implements for each instrument. 
      3. LESSEE acknowledges that any improper use or implementation of equipment and/or instrument(s) may result in damage. The LESSEE assumes all responsibility for damage done and/or lost equipment while in their possession. 
Damages/Unreturned equipment
      1. The LESSOR reserves the right to bill or charge cards or ACH information on file for the full replacement value for any equipment that is damaged or not returned to us during a rental. Any billed charges must be paid within 72 hours and will be sent to the LESSEE. Any charges that are not paid will be sent to debt collection.
      1. The LESSOR has the right to determine the payment due date. Most, but not all projects are billed Net 30. Some projects must be paid prior to delivery or LESSEE pick up.
      2. A 4% processing fee will be applied to all credit card payments.
      3. A monthly 2.5% late fee is automatically applied after payment is past due.
      4. The LESSOR has the right to require a credit card authorization form or ACH form for payment prior to equipment delivery, as well as current and legal identification from the LESSEE. 
      5. The LESSOR may also require a refundable security deposit.
      6. The LESSOR’s preferred methods of payment are credit/debit cards, ACH, and Apple Pay. We also accept checks. Please make checks payable to Capitol Percussion, LLC, and send them to 5650 Rivertech Ct., Suite Q, Riverdale, MD 20737.
      7. The LESSEE agrees to cover the charge of any taxes and fees that the rental incurs. Tax will be removed if proper tax exemption paperwork can be provided to the LESSOR.
      8. The LESSOR may send any unpaid invoices or balances to a debt collection agency. The LESSEE will be responsible for any fees this may incur.
LESSOR Delivery/pickup
      1. The LESSEE accepts any additional charges that may be incurred for any projects that require drivers to wait for extended periods of time (after scheduled/agreed upon drop or pickup times).
      2. The LESSOR’s delivery rates may be higher for call times before 8am, after 7pm, on Sundays, and on holidays.
      3. The LESSOR may charge a 15% rush fee surcharge for any project delivered within 24 hours of placing an order, or a 25% rush fee surcharge for any project delivered within 4 hours of placing an order.
LESSEE Pick Ups and Returns

The LESSOR may allow LESSEE to pick up and return equipment as long as the LESSEE abides by the following conditions:

        1. Adherence to all points under billing clause 4 found above.
        2. The LESSOR has the right to ask for a Certificate of Insurance showing the LESSEE has General Liability Insurance of at least $500,000. 
        3. The LESSEE has a vehicle and materials up to the LESSOR’S standards to provide safe and proper equipment transport.
        4. The LESSEE shall never transport any piece of equipment outside of the case provided.
        5. The LESSEE accepts responsibility for any shipping costs, as well as the proper packaging for return shipping. Any damage done to instruments due to improper packaging will be the responsibility of the LESSEE. 
        6. The LESSOR has the right to charge the LESSEE via payment type on file or through invoice for each day that the equipment has not been returned beyond agreed upon return date. A daily 10% charge will be automatically applied to the payment method on file for any past due LESSEE equipment returns.